Before you stands a brand-spanking-new website for New Creation in Christ.  We want it to be a tool to help you keep up-to-date on our activities, challenges, growth, reports of God’s goodness and whatever else might bring glory to him and edify you.   Please be so kind as to share your comments about the good, the bad and the areas you feel inspired to tell us ways to improve this communications vehicle.

I praise God for the patient instruction, expertise and support of the Technical Support team at Grace Communion International and ask that you help us make this website a tool of communicating the great things God is doing here in the St. Louis area.  In fewer than 12 hours they have taken this ignoramus and turned him into a flaming novice quickly climbing the learning curve.

I’ve started with my best guess at what might be most useful to you and others looking for some good news and a loving spiritual family with which to share this journey called life.  Please let me know where you see room for improvement.

All glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

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