New Creation in Christ is rooted in nearly 65 years of integrated worship and harmony in the St. Louis area.  In December, 2004, our present congregation was formed by merging congregations from North County and South County.  We have long been a commuter church, with members driving from as far away as St. Clair and Clarksville, but we realize it is time to adopt a community and be planted in a community where we can participate on a daily basis sharing the love of Jesus.  Attempts to adopt Maryland Heights as our community have not been fruitful.  Much strength is in our diversity, but that diversity has not been appreciated where we now meet, and most members drive a considerable distance just to worship there.

Since August 2014 it has become clear that we need to look for an opportunity to meet and minister in Ferguson or Florissant.  These communities need the harmony that comes only through Jesus and many of our members reside in or around those communities.  Please join us in praying for the Lord to lead us to a new base for a fresh start in ministry helping to bring healing to a community badly wounded by strife and tension.

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