As I mentioned in today’s sermon, there is value in tracking where Jesus was and what he was doing each day of Holy Week.  Here are the verses in Matthew for each of the events he lists.  Please note that Matthew was more concerned with giving readers an accurate picture of who Jesus was than an hour-by-hour or day-by-day chronology of events, as were the other gospel writers.  We are wise to focus primarily on Jesus, his mission and his message and not get distracted by trying to reconcile all four gospels to the same time line.



Mary anoints Jesus (26:6-13)



Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (21:1-11)



Clearing the temple (21:12-13)

Miracles and challenges in the temple (21:14-16)



Cursing of fig tree and disciples’ reaction (21:18-22)

Debates with religious leaders and temple teaching (21:23-23:39)

Discussions with disciples on Mount of Olives (24:1-25:46)



Jesus & disciples hang out in Bethany

Judas makes arrangements for betrayal (26:14-16)



Preparations for Last Supper (26:17-19)

Last Supper (26:20-35)

Prayers in Gethsemane (26:36-46)



Betrayal and arrest (26:47-56)  possibly starts after midnight

Jewish trial:     Caiaphas and part of Sanhedrin (26:57-75)

Full Sanhedrin (27:1-2)

Roman trial:    Two appearances before Pilate (27:2-14, 15-26)

Crucifixion (27:27-66)



In the grave



Resurrection witnesses (28:1-8)

Resurrection appearances (28:9-20)


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